Bean-zyme same as Beano

Prevents GAS
caused by eating problem foods
(beans, cabbage, broccoli, onions, pasta, etc.)

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BEAN-ZYME is an enzyme based (alpha-galactosidase) ANTI-GAS (anti-flatulent) food enzyme supplement with the same ingredient as BEANO and is 2X STRONGER at half the price of BEANO.

BEANZYME is just $11.29/150 capsules.

Shipping is just $1.99/bottle.
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Guaranteed to work or your money back!


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Bean-zyme VEGAN contains no animal products and is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets!
Compare to Beano
Beano Anti-Gas
Bean-zyme Anti-Gas Capsules
Anti-flatulent Ingredient
Enzyme Source
food grade mold
(Aspergillus Niger)
food grade mold
(Aspergillus Niger)
2 tablets per serving of problem food
1 capsules per serving of problem food
150 GALU per Beano tablet
(2 tablets per dose)

300 GALU per Bean-zyme capsule
(1 capsules per dose)

Doses per 150 count bottle


$17.59/100 tablets @ $16.49/100 tablets @

$11.29/150 capsules
Shipping $5.49 @
$5.49 @

Total Cost

$23.08 @
$21.98 @

Actual comments sent in from our customers:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally a low cost alternative to Beano.”
Amy P, New York, NY

"My wife and I eat a lot of vegetables, Bean-zyme has made things a lot more quiet around here."
Jack K, San Jose, CA

"Ester (my wife) thanks you for the new me, and it doesn’t break the bank."
Fred W, Fort Myers, FL

"Finally generic Beano!" Sue G, Pittsburgh, PA

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