Bean-zyme same as Beano Anti-gas
How Bean-zyme Works: Complex indigestible sugars found in many plant products such as beans, cabbage, broccoli, onions, soy products, and others can ferment in your digestive system releasing gas in the form of flatulence. The enzyme in Bean-zyme breaks these sugars down into less complex sugars that the human body can digest, thus reducing or eliminating the intestinal gas formed. The enzyme is made from a safe food grade mold. For a scientific explanation click "scientific".
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Directions for Use: Per serving of problem food, swallow 1 capsules with first bite of warm or cool food. Store at room temperature or cooler. Vegan Bean-zyme is suitable for vegetarian/vegan diets.

Ingredients: Regular Bean-zyme contains: Alpha-galactosidase enzyme (from Aspergillus niger, the same as Beano) 300 GALU/capsule, cellulose, gelatin (capsule). No nutritional value. Bean-zyme is FREE OF: wheat, sugar, salt, yeast, soy, milk, egg, preservatives. One dose or serving of Bean-zyme is 1 capsule.
VEGAN Bean-zyme has the same ingredients as Regular Bean-zyme except we use a cellulose capsule instead of a gelatin capsule.

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Pricing/Shipping: Beanzyme comes in bottles of 150 capsules. Regular Bean-zyme is $9.99 each (about 1/2 the price of Beano). Shipping and handling are $1.99/bottle. Buy the 500 capsule size bottle and shipping and handling are FREE! VEGAN Bean-zyme cost $12.69 per bottle of 150 capsules plus $1.99 shipping per bottle. Buy the 4 bottle bundle and shipping is free.(We ship to USA and USA territories only, via US First Class Mail only). California residents will pay state sales tax. If you want to ship internationally go to Pangea ( or ( and search for Bean-zyme.

VEGAN Bean-zyme contains no animal products and is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets!

Bean-zyme is FREE OF: gluten, wheat, sugar, salt, yeast, soy, milk, egg, preservatives.

Satisfaction: If you are unsatisfied with Bean-zyme for any reason for 30 days from purchase you may return the unused portion for a full refund. Contact customer service for details (see Contact Us).
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Regular Bean-zyme cost $9.99 per bottle of 150 capsules plus $1.99 shipping per bottle. Buy the 500 capsule size bottle and shipping is free. VEGAN Bean-zyme cost $12.69 per bottle of 150 capsules plus $1.99 shipping per bottle. If you live in California add 8.00% sales tax. Please include your shipping name and address, and your email address (for the receipt) and phone # if possible.

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About Us: Bean-zyme is manufactured by Mikeska Products Corporation located in Santa Barbara, California, USA. We have been manufacturing Bean-zyme since 1995. ValuePricedMeds products are produced by Mikeska Products Corporation located in Santa Barbara, California. Mikeska Products complies with FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling, or Holding Operations for Dietary Supplements, December 2010. ValuePricedMeds products are made with the purest ingredients available.
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Some Foods That Contain Complex Sugars That Bean-zyme Anti-Gas Can Breakdown
Peppers, sweet
Pinto beans
Black-eyed peas
Broad beans
Rice bran
Lima beans
Runner beans
Brussel sprouts
Kidney Beans
Mung beans
Sesame flour
Oat bran
Sorghum, grain
Oat flour
Soy milk
Soy beans
Sunflower flour
Wheat bran
Field beans
Whole wheat flour
Scientific Explanation: Alpha-galactosidase is an enzyme that is derived from selected strains of the food grade fungus Aspergillus niger. Alpha-galactosidase catalyzes the hydrolysis of the alpha-1m6 linkages in such carbohydrates as the disaccharide melibiose, the trisaccharide raffinose, the tetrasaccharide stachyose and the nonsaccharide verbascose. These oligosaccharides are widely found in legumes and cruciferous vegetables, including beans, peas, broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage. These carbohdydrates are utilized by bacteria normally present in the human gut. A by product is gas. Hydrolysis of melibiose yields D-galactose and D-glucose; hydrolysis of raffinose yields D-galactose and sucrose; hydrolysis of stachyose yields D-galactose and sucrose; and verbascose yields D-galactose, D-glucose and D-fructose. The activity of alpha galactosidases is expressed in galactose units or GALU.
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